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Amalfi Coast 

A very unique Destination Wedding along the Amalfi Coast, touching one the most exclusive venues, Palazzo Avino, located in the heart of Ravello. This is how Victoria and Dimitri decided to celebrate their love together with their families and friends 

Victoria & Demetri

Travelling all the way from Seattle with their cherished family and friends, they embarked on a romantic journey in the middle of the most picturesque Italian frame, under the warm Italian sun, amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Their magical day unfolded with heartfelt getting ready moments at the picturesque Borgo San Michele in Amalfi, followed by dreamlike couple portraits in the charming settings of Atrani and Ravello.


The grand finale took place at the exclusive luxury of Palazzo Avino, where opulence and elegance set the stage for an unforgettable ceremony and reception.

Elevating this exceptional celebration, our artful approach captured every detail with precision, turning fleeting moments into timeless memories. As you meander through these exceptional images, may they ignite a spark of inspiration and make you dream of your own wedding, perfectly immortalized.


Let us take you on a visual journey, where love and artistry intertwine, and where your own love story can be celebrated in the most extraordinary way.



Venue: Palazzo Avino

Wedding coordinator: Emanuela Apicella
Make-up and Hair: BEAUTYLIVERY hair & makeup artist  
Flower Designer: Maria Starace 

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