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We cannot wait to know more about you and the wedding of your dreams! 
We will get back to you within 24 hours. Keep an eye on your spam box, as some emails love to hide there.



  • Are you familiar with our wedding venue or destination?
    We have had the pleasure of working at various venues and destinations, including Villa del Balbianello at Lake Como and Palazzo Avino on the Amalfi Coast as well as many other venues, cities in Italy and outside (we have worked in Australia also for many years) so we are very familiar with different venues and styles. If your wedding is at a new location for us, we will thoroughly research and visit the venue beforehand to familiarize ourselves with the setting and best capture its unique elements.
  • What is your availability for our wedding date?
    Please send us an email ( or fill up the 'contact us' form and we will check availability for your date and get right back to you
  • Can you accommodate special requests or unique cultural traditions?
    Absolutely! We celebrate the diversity of weddings and embrace the opportunity to capture special requests and unique cultural traditions. Please let us know in advance about any specific requirements, so we can ensure proper arrangements are made.
  • How would you describe your photography/videography style and why are you different? ​
    First of all, we feel our photography and videography works like a piece of art. If you go to our portfolio, you will see what we mean. For us, YOU are the only couple that matters. We believe in documenting genuine emotions and candid moments throughout your special day. Our approach allows us to capture authentic expressions, interactions, and spontaneous moments, resulting in heartfelt and memorable photographs and videos. As we put our whole heart into our work, our priority is to build a trustworthy relationship, where you can feel free to ask us questions and talk to us at any time. We will do our very best to connect with you so that we will deeply understand you and to be then able to capture your essence... plus some art. On top of that, we manage every single wedding as it would be the only one we will ever shoot. Be aware, that we can get emotional by hearing your love story :)
  • How do you handle post-production and editing?
    Our post-production process involves careful selection and editing of each image/video to bring out its best qualities. Our photos are hand-edited one by one, and we deliver unlimited final photos in a personalised web gallery where you will be able to download high-res photos and videos and also share the link with anyone you would like to. We apply our signature editing style to enhance colors, tones, and overall aesthetics, ensuring a consistent and cohesive final result.
  • What is the average response time for inquiries?
    We try every time our best to answer you within 24h. Of course, especially during the wedding season could take it a bit longer. If you didn't hear anything after 72h please please please write to us again! And also please check your spam folder
  • Do you charge travel fees?
    We are based in Florence, Tuscany and are happy to travel free of charge anywhere within 200km from this area. Anything outside Tuscany will require an accommodation for us, our quotes will always have the travel costs Included in the final price so no other expenses will come out. For events that are longer than 10 hours please consider that we might need to be there the day before to be safe that no last minute delays or traffic will surprise us, and will leave the next morning just to have time to properly rest and travel in safety.
  • How do we book and secure our wedding day?​
    The first step is to get in touch so send us an email or fill out our contact form above. We then will reply and most of the time ask more questions to be able to send you the quote. Once it is all confirmed we then require a deposit payment of €500 or €1000 (depending on the final quote) which is necessary to lock in the date for you. We always send through a questionnaire and an agreement. We will be available for consultations before and after the wedding at any time:)
  • Can we meet you before our wedding?
    Of course! We love to get to know each other before we book a wedding/elopement/shooting/event, so we would like to meet you or, what we do mostly cause of the distance, we arrange a zoom meeting. This is completely complimentary. And please, we love your questions so never be afraid to ask us.
  • What is the booking and payment process? ​do you offer packages or customizable options?
    We offer both carefully crafted packages and customizable options to ensure we meet the individual needs and preferences of each couple. Prices on the website are in Euro currency. For international payments preferred payment method is Wise or PayPal, different payment methods are on a request basis which we always attempt to accommodate. A tailored quote will be sent to you depending on availability, location as well as requests. We always send you firstly the quote and to lock in the date we require a deposit. We usually split the final amount in 3 or 4 parts, for every payment we send an invoice, on our agreement, everything will be listed for you.

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